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Prefixe Suffixes Spelling Term 3

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Pretest on Prefix- Suf.doc


Magical Study Guide small.docx


Link to the chart of our Seventh Grade Prefixes and Suffixes


Handouts for other prefixes and suffixes spelling: Prefix-Suffix-Spell Handouts.doc


Test #13  -- January 15/19

Prefix to study:   post- which means after

1.    postgraduate

2.    postpone

3.    postwar

4.    postscript

extra credit: script comes from scribere  which means “to write.”  (1 Point)

Extra Credit from looking here:  In the word "postpone,"  the "pone" part means "to put," so to postpone something is to "put it after."


Here is our practice sheet for spelling understanding  "post-" words. 


Test #14 --   Test on (See class calendar.)

 Suffix to study:   -ly which means "in the manner of" (adverb)

1.    sincerely       extra credit: < L sincerus pure, clean, untainted

2.    usually

3.    finally

4.    carefully

5.    immediately



Vocabulary/Spelling #15             Test on February 1/2

 Prefix to study:   pre -  which means   before 

1.    preposition

2.    preview

3.    predict

4.    precede



Vocabulary/Spelling #16           Test on February 10/11

 Suffix to study:   -ment  which means action, state of, result of

1.     government               extra credit:

2.     equipment

3.     environment

4.     amendment


Here is the handout with extra credit.

And here it is as a doc instead of docx.



Vocabulary/Spelling #17             Test on February 17/18

 Prefix to study:   re-  which means   again

1.    receive

2.    review

3.    revise

4.    revoke


Handout for re-



                                Vocabulary/Spelling #18           Test on February 25/26

 Suffix to study:   -tion  which means act or  state

1.     attention     extra credit:

2.     population

3.     operation

4.     transportation




Vocabulary/Spelling #19            Test on  March 3-4

 Prefix to study:   un-  which means   not

1.    unable

2.    unfit

3.    unequal

4.    unearned

5.    undone










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