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Fantasy and Science Fiction Book of the Month

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Note: For this assignment, your book must be either fantasy or science fiction.  Make sure it meets the requirements for one (or a blending) of these genres.


Fantasy/Science Fiction Book-of-the-Month Assignment


Sample for Why the Book is this Genre  -- Part 2 of the Assignment/Assessment


See a chart for science fiction and fantasy here.


Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels: See a list of fantasy and science fiction novels here.


Part 2.  (25 points -- ______/5 main idea, ____/10 supporting details that give specifics about the book,  ____/5 conclusion,  _____/5  sentence variety and careful editing)


Write a paragraph (or more) with a main idea, supporting details, and a conclusion about why your book fits one of the above genres (or a blending of the two).   Tell enough about your book so other students will know whether they’d like to read it.  Do not include any spoilers (giving away parts they shouldn’t know until they’ve read the book).   You may type this and attach it to this sheet, or create a rough draft on other paper and then write it very legibly on neat lined paper with no spiro-bits, and attach that to this sheet.  


Sample Answer 


    Veil of Darkness: Book One of The Earthsoul Prophecies by Greg Park is a fantasy novel. It is fantasy because of the setting and because of the magical aspects including strange creatures and the powers of many of the characters.

           It is set in a medieval-type world created by the author where the “Earthsoul” and  all life on that world are being threatened by evil beings – some from beyond death, and others corrupt mortals.  

    Evil beings have created fierce and frightening creatures such as the shadowhounds and the huge flying bat-like K’rresh.   On the side of good are the intelligent and deadly dolphin-like lumtars.

    The main character is a young man named Jase who is of the royal family, but has been raised away from the palace on a farm near a small village. Nevertheless, he has been trained in the use of weapons and other martial arts.

           His mother has special powers with making things grow, and as the book begins, Jase is discovering that he too has special powers, but his seem to be purely destructive ones.  Other good characters in the book use the powers of Ta’shaen to protect and heal and fight against evil.  The evil characters corrupt the same powers to destroy.

    Veil of Darkness is clearly fantasy because of the setting, because of the strange creatures that do not exist in the real world, and because of the magical powers that are used by many of the characters.  


Sample for Part 3 of the Assignment   rough draft


Sample for finished Part 3 of the Assignment


Part 3.  (20 points) List below the top ten reasons you enjoy this book.  Use specific quotes and/or examples from the book for each reason.  Create rough drafts first on other paper before you transfer your list to this sheet, or type it and attach it to this sheet.  Sort your reasons so the most important reason comes last.


Note to my readers/students:  It was hard to rank these from 10 to 1, so I’ll understand if that’s hard for you.  Just do what you can!


10.     The author created some great creatures including these:   “massive, misshapen  creatures with thick grey fur mottled with black.  They resembled wolves in body but had no tail.  In addition to  a row of glistening fangs, they sported heavy tusks like those of a boar.  . . . they were cloaked in auras of shadow. . ..  Kill, kill, the mind whispered.  Blood and life ours to drink.  Search, find, kill.”  (p. 144-145)


9.  It includes maps at the beginning of the book that detail the various countries of “The Nine Lands.”  Other external text features include a diagram of the “Seven Gifts of Ta’shaen,” and a glossary.


8. The author creates a detailed landscape.  One of my favorite parts is the Yucanter Forest of trees with blood-red leaves and purple bark, “as large as a castle tower at the base and much higher, many stretching well over two thousand feet into the air.”


7. The author uses just enough description to help the reader visualize the scene, but doesn’t go on too long with description. 

                            The evening breeze blowing down from the steep slopes of             the Death’s Chain Mountains reached the Allister Plains and rippled the tall grasses as it swirled over and around the smooth contours of the hills.  Tendrils of  warmth tempered the high  mountain chill, a caressing whisper of spring’s arrival.  (p. 81)


6.  There is a wonderful variety of characters, from a prince who creates origami animals for children and plays crazy practical jokes, yet is one of the best swordfighters in that world  -- to the powerful prophet-warrior-healer who was imprisoned and tortured for twenty years, and whose job it now is to protect train the young man who, according to prophecy must be the one to save the world.


5. There are very strong women characters.  Jases’ mother has her own formidable powers, as well as being a loving and wise mother.  Tana is rather brazen, but she is strong-willed and brave.  the governor of one of the province/countries is a strong, wise woman.  The young woman Jase had seen in prophecy turns out to be an amazing warrior and holder-of-power herself.


4. There are characters who truly care for each other.  There are loving parents and children, husbands and wives, long-time friends, and new acquaintances who even not knowing each other well would risk their lives for each other (such as the Shizu death-Squad leaders and the child they rescue).  Destructive hate, greed, and lust are clearly shown to be evil and belong to the evil characters.


3. The main character is likable.  He’s the kind of young man I wouldn’t mind my daughter dating – if I didn’t have to worry about him accidently destroying her with his untamed powers, or about the bad guys trying to get him killing her as well.


2. There is real danger and real loss in the world of Veil of Darkness.  The reader realizes early on that even some of the main characters and/or their family and friends will most likely die.  One important character loses loved ones early on, and we find out that another one carries the guilt of not having been able to protect from death the one he loved the most.  The enemy forces are vast and powerful.  Evil will not be easily overcome.


1. There is a clear line between good and evil.  The good guys aren’t perfect, but the bad guys are really bad.  Maeon is pure evil, as is Shadan.  The characters who make me the most angry are the ones who are posing as good people – who are in positions of power or influence, have given into the temptation to go to “the dark side,” and have betrayed their own people.



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