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Suggested Reading for Sixth Grade

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These are books suggested by Fairfield Public Schools in Connecticut for students entering sixth grade, although many of them would still be appropriate and enjoyable for students entering seventh or eighth grade!



Fairfield Public Schools Summer Reading 2006 – Grade 6


--Almond, David:Skellig: Unhappy about his baby sister's illness and the chaos of moving into a dilapidated old house, Michael retreats to the garage and finds a mysterious stranger who is something like a bird, and something like an angel. 
 Babbitt, Natalie -The Eyes of the Amaryllis: This eerie tale tells the story of a girl, her grandmother, and a sign from the sea.Blackwood, Gary -The Shakespeare Stealer: Widge, a young orphan indentured to a cold, unscrupulous master, has a special talent which his master is determined to use at any cost.

Bodett, Tom- Williwaw: A teenage girl and her brother take a risk when they go out into the Alaskan wilderness right before a major storm called a williwaw.

Codell, Esme- Sahara Special:  Sahara Jones finds that her unique new teacher might be able to help her and her classmates cope with some of their school and family problems.

++Cooper, Susan -Over Sea, Under Stone: Three children on holiday in Cornwall find an ancient manuscript which sends them on a dangerous quest for a grail that would reveal the true story of King Arthur. The first novel in The Dark Is Rising Sequence.

Cushman, Karen- Catherine, Called Birdy: Medieval England is the background for this story of a spirited girl narrated in diary form.

--DiCamillo, Kate- Tale of Desperaux:Desperaux the mouse has many adventures involving a princess, a servant girl, and an evil rat.

++Farmer, Nancy -The Ear, the Eye, and Arm: In Zimbabwe in the year 2194, a military ruler's 13-year-old son and his younger brother and sister leave their  technologically over-controlled home and find themselves on some perilous adventures.
 --Howe, James -
What Eric Knew: Eric sends cryptic notes to Sebastian and David, who follow them to investigate a mysterious death. 

Lawrence, Caroline- The Roman Mysteries: A series of books that take place in the ancient worlds of Rome, Greece, Sorrento, and Pompeii, the Roman Mysteries are solved by amateur detectives Flavia Gemina and her three friends. 

Lerangis, Peter -Antarctica: In 1911, a crew of explorers set sail for Antarctica.  The voyage is hard, and tensions between the crewmembers are severe.  But before they make it to the South Pole, they must retreat for their lives, and begin a perilous journey back to civilization.
Morley, Jacqueline - How Would You Survive As An Ancient Egyptian?: Find out exactly how you would survive as an ancient Egyptian in this non-fiction book.  (May be substituted with any of the How Would You Survive series titles).

--Park, Barbara- Mick Harte Was Here: A girl copes with the death of her your brother in a bicycle accident.

--Paulsen, Gary-Danger on Midnight River: In this book, which is part of Paulsen's World of Adventure series, Dan Martin finds himself isolated after a crash with the very bullies who have been tormenting him.

--Peck, Richard- The Teacher's Funeral: This humorous book tells the story of the school year for fifteen year old Russell and his sister, Tansy, who is his new teacher.

Sleator, William - The Boxes: When she opens two strange boxes left in her care by her mysterious uncle, fifteen-year-old Annie discovers a swarm of telepathic creatures and unleashes a power capable of slowing down time.
Spinelli, Jerry -Crash: Seventh grader Crash Coogan is a jock, a jokester, and a tormenter of dweeb Penn Webb. In this fast-paced funny story a transformation takes place.

VanDraanen, Wendolyn-The Sammy Keyes Mysteries: In this series, thirteen-year-old Sammy Keyes uses her detective skills to solve mysteries in the neighborhood where she lives with her grandmother. 


--Easy Reading

++More challenging reading.  May contain more mature language or subject matter.  Parents, please review these with your children


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