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Welcome to  

The Caveman English Wikki

for Mrs. Dorsey's Classes!


Links and Pages






02-2022 saving 




Mrs Allphin's Assignment.doc










Book-of-the-Month Projects 2010-2011



Summer Reading for 2010



Old from previous years


New for Fourth Term:


Parts of Speech 



Book Fines for books checked out from the classroom


Dragonriders of Pern books by Anne McCaffrey









April - May Book-of-the-Month Assignment 



Defining Fantasy and Science Fiction


Book-of-the-Month Club assignment for March/April


Subject-Verb Agreement


Finding Topics and Main Ideas



New for Third Term: 


Ice Story -- Nonfiction Unit with Book-of-the-Month assignment


The Giver


Prefixes and Suffixes with Spelling for Third Term


January Book Assignment


About Parent Ordering from the Scholastic Book Clubs


Link to Scholastic Book Clubs:  www.scholastic.com/bookclubs


Older Links: 


November December Book Assessment

Here are the Targets (I-Can's) for second term.


Recommended Books and Books Not Allowed


Letters to Authors -- Assignment, Editing, and Revising


Prefixes and Suffixes from the Seventh Grade Core for Term 2 (and on) Vocabulary     This is a file to upload and print.



Seventh Grade Confusing Words for Term 1 (and on) Spelling


Link: Return to cavemanenglish.blogspot.com



When looking for a handout or other file, you may use the navigation box.  If there seems to be nothing there (if it says "no pages"), click on "Files" at the bottom of the box.




For the seventh grade prefixes and suffixes, go to Prefixes and Suffixes Chart, or go to the Prefixes and suffixes folder, then click on files at the bottom of the box, and click on Prefixes and Suffixes Chart.



Disclosure Document and signature sheet with student information form. 



Book of the Month Club Information and Handouts


Whole-Class Books:

The Outsiders


Term 1 I-Can's 




Here are links to your class wiki's. You will be able to edit only within your own class wiki.

Remember to never write your whole name within the wiki. Use just first name or first name and last initial.

A1 http://cavemana1.pbwiki.com/

A2 http://caveman-a2.pbwiki.com/

A4  http://cavemana4.pbworks.com/

B1 http://caveman-b1.pbwiki.com/

B2 http://caveman-b2.pbwiki.com/

B4  http://cavemanb4.pbworks.com/

For instructions on how to make your own page, see the front page of your class wiki.


Whenever you get lost, click on the small  FrontPage  link at the upper right to come back here. 

If you want to open a file (for instance, to print an assignment that you missed or have lost),   go to the Navigator at the right, click on the file you're interested in, and click on the link below that for "Files."








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