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Lexile Levels

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About Lexile Levels:

Many of the books on our  list of recommended books show a lexile level.  The lexile system matches readers with books that will be "not too easy and not too hard," so will provide helpful reading practice for the readers -- independent reading level.


Of course, when selecting books, consider also age-appropriateness and student interests.


For more information about lexile levels, go to http://www.lexile.com/

Use "Search" to find the lexile level for many books.  


Seventh graders at the beginning of the year are at grade level if they are reading at about L800 to L1050. 

Students at American Fork Junior High take  the SRI (to determine their lexile score) in their English classes at the beginning and ending of the school year.   Each student will receive a letter to bring home to show the results of the test. 


If you're interested, you could read more about lexile to grade level correspondence.


We're as aware as you are that one test is just one measure of a student's reading ability, so should be looked at in conjunction with other available assessments, observations,  and information.  However, the SRI does provide us with data that helps us match our students to appropriate reading materials, and makes us aware of students who may benefit from a reading class.



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