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Recommended Books

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Scroll down to a clickable index of genre lists and a list of books students may not use for their projects.


American Fork Junior High Seventh Grade English Suggested Books for Outside Reading

⇒The number with the “L” indicates the lexile level (reading level) of the book.     

⇒Select books near or above your own reading level. 

⇒ Select books that you have not read before.

⇒  Your book should not be less than 100 pages long unless you have special permission.

⇒ You may choose books not on our Do Not Read list.

⇒ Watching a video based on a book does not count, though it may be a valuable additional activity after you have read the book.     

⇒  You should be able to answer questions about the book.  

⇒ If you’re reading a library book for your assessment or project, make sure you complete the assessment or  project before the time you must return the book.

⇒   In the book lists, there will be a symbol or other indication that a book will be read as a class in seventh, eighth, or ninth grade, so should not be used for your seventh grade reading assignments. 


Ms. Dorsey's Required Individual Reading -- 

Basic 8 Book Assignment :  

In addition to the reading we’ll do as a class and in small groups, students are required to read a novel (or other approved book) on their own twice a term.  The book cannot be one read as a class.  It must be grade level/student reading level appropriate and approved by a parent or guardian and by the teacher. The students may be asked to  report weekly on their individual reading. Students should bring their  books to class.  There may be time in class to do individual reading.  Twice a term they will also complete  a final assessment based on the outside reading.   The reading and assessment will be worth approximately points.



1. Pick a book you'd like to read that you can read within a month.

2. Make sure your parents or guardians are okay with you reading it.

3. Have Ms. Dorsey approve it.

4. Start reading!

5. Bring it to class and read it during the time allowed.

6.  Report weekly on your progress, or as directed by the teacher.

7.  While reading it, watch for the literary elements or other aspects of literature, reading, and writing we're learning about in class.  For example, if we discuss the following questions in class, ask yourself how they apply to your book:  "What is the setting?  How does the author show me what the characters are like?  What messages (themes) might the author be expressing in the book?"

8.  Finish reading the book, complete the assignment as directed by the teacher, and turn it in by the due date.  Be prepared to answer additional questions about your book.   Extra points may be given for work turned in early, and points may be deducted for late work. 


The books your read for book assessments also count on the 40 Book Challenge!


About Lexile Levels


Recommended Books -- Genres:



Award Winners




Historical Fiction



Life and Its Problems/Realistic Fiction

Love Stories

Multicultural (Some of these are not fictional -- Do not use nonfiction for the January 2011 assignment.)



Science Fiction



See also new book recommendations on the class blog.  http://cavemanenglish.blogspot.com/


Books you may NOT use for the Book-of-the-Month assignments





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