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Sample Letter for Parts of a Friendly Letter

Page history last edited by Claudia Dorsey 10 years, 11 months ago
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American Fork Junior High School
1120 North  20 West
American Fork, Utah  84003
November 3, 2009
Dear Lois Lowry,
    Even though the word “government” is never mentioned once in The Giver, your book forever changed the way I think about government.  Before I read The Giver, government was just a tedious topic endlessly discussed by adults.  I realized only after finishing the book that the few, mysterious people making all the decisions for Jonas and his Community were actually the government.  Why did they have the power to withhold all of the bad memories, which were so vital for the citizens to be able to live fully?  Even though these memories were incredibly painful, was that the right decision?  Would I want my government to make such decisions and to have such power? No!  A government should serve its people, not shield them from basic human experiences.

    Because of The Giver, I started paying more attention to news stories about governments.  [This paragraph continues, and this letter continues for four more paragraphs.]


Cori Anne Mazer

[As a closing you could also use Your friend, Respectfully, Regards, or another polite closing.]


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